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"Meditative discipline is vital to dharma practice precisely because it leads us beyond the realm of ideas to that of felt-experience,"
Stephen Batchelor, Buddhism Without Beliefs.

Taking Our Places: The Buddhist Path to Truly Growing Up by Norman Fischer
Harper San Francisco
198 pages
Approximate Price: $11.16

Growing up happens whether we like it or not, but maturity must be cultivated. Renowned Zen teacher Norman Fischer addresses this long-neglected subject, drawing upon insights from both the Buddhist and Jewish traditions in this accessible guide to skillfully navigating the ongoing demands of our adult lives.

Showing how crucial true maturity is to leading an engaged, fulfilled life, Fischer outlines the characteristics of a mature person, demonstrating how these attributes can help us successfully negotiate the challenges we face and enrich all of our relationships. Exploring essential qualities such as awareness, responsibility, humor, acceptance, and humility, Taking Our Places brings a fresh, necessary, and surprising perspective to what it means to be truly mature.
--from HarperCollins

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