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"Don't strive for some special state of mind. There is no special state of mind. If you strive for some special state of mind you'll only disturb your mind."
Steve Hagen, Buddhism Plain and Simple.

Modern Seers
P.O. Box 234
Swarthmore,  Pennsylvania   19081
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Phone 610-543-6644
Fax 801-858-7761
Center's Description
Modern Seers is dedicated to the well-known dictum Self-Realization and Service to Humanity. Living beings desire the pearl of Knowledge. Many play with the idea but never come to the shore. Some get stuck playing in the waves. A few make a cult out of diving. Fewer find the pearl and use it. We are interested only in those individuals.

We teach a variety of techniques, both old and new. As the first step, students study insight and mantra meditation, karma purification, chakra fine-tuning, breathing exercises, cellular spiritualization, direct meditation, white tantra procedures, healthy lifestyle, conscious activism, and more. The next step holds the key to total freedom.

We hold discussions, group meditations, workshops, seminars and retreats.

You are invited!
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