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"Truly the world we most intimately inhabit is the world created by our thought and by our speech, which is both the result of and the cause of our thought,"
Norman Fischer, Taking Our Places.

Rahob Dharma Center
18 Hewitt Road
Petersburg,  New York   12138
(For best directions, please ask the center.)
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Phone 518 658-8811
Center's Description
Rahob Rinpoche presents several Special Retreats based on the healing, protection and developing the many layers and stages of meditation. His teachings represent a very special form of blessing designed to promote the development of inner peace and harmony in oneself and among mankind as a whole. His unique knowledge of Tibetan, Thai, Japanese, South-East Asian and American Buddhism stands out in front as a leader in the practice and teaching of Buddhism today.
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Independent Comments
8/26/2006  Reviewed By: joshua
From the view of a person who seeks someone who really knows what they are talking about and has experienced, Rahob Rinpoche is the Spiritual Master to be sought if one wants to develop themselves towards a higher ideal. There are a lot of great teachers, but I must say that Rahob Rinpoche is one of the most advanced and composed Masters out there. Read more on his website:
7/22/2006  Reviewed By: jahshiem
I think that the Rahob Rinpoche is one of the most learned and cultured people of our times. For anyone who appreciates the deep and true way, He is a great Master and teacher. His practice of humility given his true stature is very admirable. Many people overlook him because of his attitude and think of him as not important or as worthy and holy as other Lamas like the Karmapa or the Dalia Lama. He is an old world genuine teacher with the prowess and power to match, who if carefully watched and observed, will show you what real Buddhism is about.

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