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"You cannot reach a full understanding of emptiness with your thinking mind or with your feeling."
Shunryu Suzuki, Not Always So.

Body of Work Studio
205 W. Walnut St.
Springfield,  Missouri   65806
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Theravada Buddhist
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Center's Description
We meet Saturday mornings at 9:45 at 205 W. Walnut St. Springfield, MO. in the Body of Work Studio, located in the basement, access through the garage on west side of the building.

We sit for thirty minutes, then do fifteen minutes of walking meditation, followed by a Dhamma talk. We study the teachings of the Buddha, from the Theravada tradition. We conclude the program by 11:15 am.

Mission: To practice and present the Buddha's teaching as they are found in the discourses of the Pali Canon. We ask that our common interest in the Buddha's teaching be given priority during group discussion. We wish to avoid engaging in speculative and philosophical debate but rather discuss how to apply the teachings in a practical way.

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