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"...in zazen, tension and pressure must be kept in the lower part of the abdomen as much as possible, as this brings about both physical and mental stability."
Katsuki Sekida, Zen Training.

Diamond Way Buddhist Center Los Angeles
c/o Karin Grillitz, 432 S. Curson Ave., Apt.2B
Los Angeles,  California   90036
(For best directions, please ask the center.)
Tibetan Karma Kagyu
URL http://www.diamondway.org/la/
Email Click to contact via e-mail
Phone 323-931-1903
Fax 323-931-0909
Center's Description
The Diamond Way is the crown jewel of the Buddha's teaching. Working from the absolute level it employs methods of total identification with enlightenment for quickest results.

The Diamond Way enables us to involve all the capacities of body, speech, and mind to transform all experience into self-liberating meaning and natural purity. It helps us discover and develop our inner richness for the benefit of all beings as well as ourselves.

Since 1972, so far about 400 Karma Kagyu centers around the world have been developing a modern access to Buddha's Diamond Way and with a great success. Modern western education, stressing self-reliance and independent thought, proves to be an excellent basis for realizing one's mind, and through such capable groups, celebrating the richness of life and unafraid to use the latest in computers and the Internet, Buddha's most effective teachings are passing into the hands of the most idealistic and independent people worldwide.

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