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"Mindfulness practice is very forgiving. It beckons to us to start over again, time after time after time, without judging us for the times we haven't managed to remember to drop in on ourselves."
Mark Williams, The Mindful Way through Depression.

Tilopa Buddhist Center
1829 Victoria Diversion
Vancouver,  British Columbia   V5N 2K2
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Kadampa Buddhism
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Phone 604 221 2271
Center's Description
Tilopa Centre was founded in 1996 at the request of Vancouver residents. We are a non-profit society, dedicated to teaching practical meditation classes and pure Dharma study programs in the Vancouver area.

Our purpose is to provide a place where people can learn to meditate and develop positive, peaceful states of mind. People are welcome to take the teachings and meditations on whatever level they like. For some the goal is to reduce stress and anxiety; for others it is to enter into a spiritual path. We offer many regular classes for all levels throughout the year. These range from beginner meditation classes, to more in-depth Buddhist philosophy courses and devotional practices.
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