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""Karma," he [Buddha] often said, "is intention": i.e., a movement of the mind that occurs each time we think, speak, or act. By being mindful of this process, we come to understand how intentions lead to habitual patterns of behavior, which in turn affect the quality of our experience."
Stephen Batchelor, Buddhism Without Beliefs.

Bellingham Mahayana Buddhist Center
Fairhaven Library, Fireplace Room
1117 12th Street
Bellingham,  Washington   98225
(For best directions, please ask the center.)
Kadampa Buddhism
URL www.meditateinskagit...
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Phone 360-336-6530
Center's Description
Classes are currently offered at two locations in Northwest Washington:
  • Dharmakirti Buddhist Center in Mt.Vernon
  • Bellingham Mahayana Buddhist Center in Bellingham.
You do not need to be a Buddhist to attend these General Program classes, or to benefit from the meditation techniques which are taught. Everyone can benefit from learning to cultivate and maintain inner peace through meditation.
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