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"You think that you can only establish true practice after you attain enlightenment, but it is not so. True practice is established in delusion, in frustration."
Shunryu Suzuki, Not Always So.

Bend Zendo
Sol Alchemy
568 NE Savannah Drive
Suite #2
Bend,  Oregon   97702
(For best directions, please ask the center.)
Zen - Soto
Phone 541-306-1557
Center's Description
We are a Soto Zen Buddhist group located in Bend, Oregon. Our community is committed to Zen practice and teachings, and offers a regular schedule of sitting meditation (zazen) and discussion groups. All activities are open to the public and supported by freely-given donations, and people of various faiths are welcome.

We are affiliated with the Butsugenji Zen Temple in Eugene, Oregon.

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