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""Karma," he [Buddha] often said, "is intention": i.e., a movement of the mind that occurs each time we think, speak, or act. By being mindful of this process, we come to understand how intentions lead to habitual patterns of behavior, which in turn affect the quality of our experience."
Stephen Batchelor, Buddhism Without Beliefs.

Gateless Gate Zen Center
20 West University Ste 301 G
Gainesville,  Florida   32601
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Zen - Kwan Um
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Phone 352 336-1517
Center's Description
Zen means understanding my true self. "What am I?" Everybody says, "I am." Descartes said, "I think, therefore I am." We always say "I." But what is this "I"? Where does this "I" come from? When you die, where does it go? These are the most important questions you can ever ask. If you attain this "I", you attain everything. That is because this "I" is part of universal substance. Your substance, this desk's substance, this stick's substance, the sun, the moon, the stars-everything's substance is the same substance. So if you want to understand you true nature, first you must attain your original substance. This means attaining universal substance and the substance of everything.

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