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"Mindfulness practice is very forgiving. It beckons to us to start over again, time after time after time, without judging us for the times we haven't managed to remember to drop in on ourselves."
Mark Williams, The Mindful Way through Depression.

Clear Light Buddhist Center
614 E. Townley Avenue
Phoenix,  Arizona   85020
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Kadampa Buddhism
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Phone 602-243-5220
Center's Description
Clear Light Buddhist Center offers weekly classes on meditation and Buddhist practice in a friendly and approachable way. We teach a very pure form of Buddhism called Kadampa Buddhism, passed from Buddha Shakyamuni through an unbroken lineage to our Teacher Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.

We have a Temple in Phoenix where we meet every day for teachings or spiritual practice. It is one of over a thousand Kadampa centers and branches worldwide.

If you are interested in following a true path to happiness, seeking meaning in your life or simply are curious about Buddha's teachings, we welcome you to visit our center and to join our vibrant spiritual community. Everyone is welcome!
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9/20/2004  Reviewed By: Dominic
Clear Light Buddhist Center in Phoenix, AZ gave a weekend retreat earlier this month (September) called Eight Steps to Happiness. Teaching was clear & direct. Meditations were powerful. I got alot from a short time there.
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