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"Meditative discipline is vital to dharma practice precisely because it leads us beyond the realm of ideas to that of felt-experience,"
Stephen Batchelor, Buddhism Without Beliefs.

Portneuf Sangha Meditation Center
424 W. Lewis St.
Pocatello,  Idaho   83201
(For best directions, please ask the center.)
URL www.portneufsangha.o...
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Phone 208-775-3183
Center's Description
Welcome to the Portneuf Sangha
Sangha means "spiritual community" in Pali, the language of the Buddha. The Portneuf Sangha is a group of individuals interested in exploring mindfulness, meditation, and Buddhist teachings (the Dharma). The Portneuf Sangha is open to all who are seeking peace, compassion, and a means of ending suffering. While we do not have a residential teacher, we are guided by John Travis of the Mountain Stream Meditation Center in Nevada City, CA.
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8/5/2016  Reviewed By: Idaho State Journal, Kendra Evensen
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