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" zazen, tension and pressure must be kept in the lower part of the abdomen as much as possible, as this brings about both physical and mental stability."
Katsuki Sekida, Zen Training.

Chozen-ji Illinois Betsuin, Zen Training Academy International
3717 N. Ravenswood Ave., #113
Chicago,  Illinois   60613
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Zen - Rinzai
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Phone 773.472.3290
Fax 773.472.3291
Center's Description
Chozen-ji Illinois Betsuin is a temple and community offering opportunities for sitting meditation (zazen) in the rigorous Rinzai Zen tradition, within which each individual is encouraged to find and follow their own personal path. Beginners as well as those experienced in any practice of meditation are welcome. Other zen-related activities offered include okyo (chanting), chanoyu (tea ceremony), ikebana (flower arrangement), zen calligraphy (intermittently offered), hojo (sword form), and a Buddhism discussion group.
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Independent Comments
2/25/2005  Reviewed By: A. Hildreth
I only wish I lived closer to the city so that I could visit this group more often! The atmosphere is relaxed but purposeful; the people genuine. Classes offered here serve to cultivate that from which anyone can obtain profound benefit.
2/23/2005  Reviewed By: JLM
Training at Chozen-ji Illinois Betsuin has helped me define and cut right to the core of what is most important in life. You have to row the boat yourself, but a lighthouse aids in direction.

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