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"What we are doing is not reprogramming ourselves, but freeing ourselves from all programs, by seeing that they are empty of reality."
Charlotte Joko Beck, Everyday Zen.

Meditation Museum
8236 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring,  Maryland   20910
(For best directions, please ask the center.)
Raja Yoga Meditation
URL www.meditationmuseum...
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Phone 301-588-0144
Center's Description
This small unique museum invites visitors to enhance the quality of their thoughts, their lives and the world around them. The museum is specifically designed to bring us back to a knowledge of our true selves and our responsibility to humanity. The art works, the events, and the space are designed to nurture you, the inner being...that part which is often neglected in the world of chaos and constant distractions. This is a treasure of a place, a gift to humanity, where one can visit to experience peace, wisdom, power and love. While in this virtual space we hope you can "remember" who YOU really are. Our hope is that everyone who experiences the museum finds his or her own authentic meaning for life.

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