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"Meditative discipline is vital to dharma practice precisely because it leads us beyond the realm of ideas to that of felt-experience,"
Stephen Batchelor, Buddhism Without Beliefs.

Prema Healing Meditation
Better Bodies Yoga
692 West Brookhaven Circle
By Mail: Prema Healing Meditation P.O. Box 770666, Memphis, TN 38177-0666
Memphis,  Tennessee   38117
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Phone 901-217-5352
Center's Description
PREMA HEALING MEDITATION is a process developed by Carol Crane and Dean Graves which offers a combination of classic and contemporary tools for healing to those of our world who experience pain and suffering. The methods of healing that we share are an accumulation of teachings from various sources. Selection of which methods to include in our teachings is solely based upon whether it has been effective in providing the most profound healing for us, as well as those whom we have been privileged to work with. The word "Prema" means love in Sanskrit - the quality of divine and pure love- which is ultimately the basis for all healing. Fully understanding this truth is the path of healing and enlightenment.

We do not presume to be able to heal because only you can heal yourself. Rather we work to guide individuals in developing and incorporating successful methods of healing into a daily practice of meditation that assists you in becoming fully "present". Healing is an integral part of your very personal journey through life. Life's journey is most efficaciously conducted by becoming present and then using this presence to release the root causes of suffering so that it never need to be revisited again. Your practice of meditation should become personalized to the point that it works optimally for you.

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