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"Even though your practice is not so good, that is perfect practice. Just sit."
Shunryu Suzuki, Not Always So.

Turtle Hill Sangha
50 Meyers Road
Summertown,  Tennessee   38483
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Tibetan Vajrayana
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Phone 931 964-2219
Center's Description
On the most inner level, Padmasambhava is not intended to be viewed as a mere historical figure having a psycho-somatic constitution just like ours, for he is no ordinary being. He is like a rainbow--pure, transparent, untouchable and clear. He is all-knowing and all beauty--the Buddhas of the Three Times shine from the pores of his skin. His entire form is pure light in a world of absolute perfection. He sits on a lotus seat of compassion and a sun throne of highest wisdom which resides in the heart of the meditator. From here, the illuminated mind of the Guru fills the Ten Directions of space like the rays of the sun, the embodiment of the Tri-kaya: his view is all-embracing, absolute awareness (Dharmakaya), his thoughts are in perfect attunement with every situation, self-lucent (Sambhogakaya), and all his actions the on-going expression of the very nature of the universe (Nirmanakaya). Timeless, ageless and deathless, unoriginated, not dependent on externals and without suffering, he manifests through a variety of forms which he assumes at various times-and in this time-to teach the Diamond Path.

Constant and mindful meditation on the pure essence of the Guru destroys all selfish desires, inappropriate qualities and unnecessary delusions, so that one learns to view every situation as the means to attain Buddhahood in this lifetime. Ordinarily, the mind is diffused and wandering, but when this meditation is properly enacted, every form which one sees becomes the body of Padmasambhava, every sound which one hears, the speech of Padmasambhava, and all action, the mind of Padmasambhava.

-Tarthang Tulku

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