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"You cannot reach a full understanding of emptiness with your thinking mind or with your feeling."
Shunryu Suzuki, Not Always So.

Koin-an Zen Dojo - Boundless Mind Zen School
3441 Mud Bay Road
Olympia,  Washington   98502
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URL www.boundlessmindzen...
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Phone 360 866-9316
Center's Description
Koin-an is our order's largest and currently most active facility. Consisting of a residential “monastery,” a separate training hall and 10 acres of forested land, Koin-an is our primary practice center and training facility.

Literally translated, the name Ko-in-an means the "Hall of Light and Shadow". This name not only reflects the teachings and practices that follows time-honored traditions and disciplines of Zen, but reminds us of the impermanent nature all things. Our current facility is the second home for Koin-an, and like the first, it is equally provisional. Although an interim location, this facility is treated and maintained as if it were our permanent home.

Anyone wishing to study and practice Zen is welcome to join and practice at Koin-an. The training hall and grounds are available for various activities and groups interested in using the facility and are not just limited to traditional Zen practice.

There are no fees associated with using the facilities; however donations are accepted to help pay the cost of keeping the facility open. All contributions go directly into supporting and maintaining the Koin-an as a place to practice. No one receives payment.

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