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"Even though your practice is not so good, that is perfect practice. Just sit."
Shunryu Suzuki, Not Always So.

Waken Rey Tseng Temple
11657 Lower Azusa Road
El Monte,  California   91732
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Phone 626 455-0077
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Center's Description
Why True Buddha School Was Formed

1. Living Buddha Lian Shen was foretold by Shakyamuni, entrusted by Amitabha, crowned by Bodhisattva Maitreya, and taught the Esoteric dharma by guru Padmasambhava. Because of the prophesy, the entrustment, the wearing of Red Crown and the teaching of all the Esoteric Dharma, he had to come to this Samsaric world and evoke the True Buddha School.
2. The aim of forming a new School is not to disassociate itself with other sects. It is to espouse the Buddhist doctrines, performing all the good deeds, to accept the other religions,and not to abandon the other dharmas. It is using an expedient method to establish the correct doctrines, that True Buddha School has the causation of having assistance from Buddhism, Taoism and all other religions.
3. Positive Purposes
i. Forming a School benefits all sentient beings. Once there is a School, efforts can be concentrated, there will be a common aim; there will be a focal point.
ii. The disciples will then experience spiritual response. Through group practice and its collective strength, one can fortify one`s level of practice.
iii.It is to form a relation between a new sect and group practice, so that in the future, the disciples can guide and support one another, just like going to the Maha Double Lotus Pond together.
iv. It is an expedient method. The aim is to instill faith, so that the path of practice can be found.
v. It will arouse the Will to Protect the Dharma. To eradicate evil and to continue doing good deeds. Merit will be accumulated, once the School has been vindicated wholeheartedly. It is a very important vow for the sake of spreading the Dharma.

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