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"Don't strive for some special state of mind. There is no special state of mind. If you strive for some special state of mind you'll only disturb your mind."
Steve Hagen, Buddhism Plain and Simple.

Land of Compassion Buddha
2322 East Cortez street
West Covina,  California   91791
(For best directions, please ask the center.)
Tibetan Gelugpa
URL www.compassionbuddha...
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Phone 626-339-3709
Fax 626-966-5299
Center's Description
Started in 1994, Land of Compassion Buddha is a Tibetan Buddhist center, within the Gelugpa lineage; directed by Khen Rinpoche Geshe Lobsang Tsephel, it is located in West Covina, California. The center offers a varied schedule of events throughout the year, including classes, empowerments, commentaries, retreats, pujas and practice sessions.

The exact schedule varies from year to year, however the center maintains regular programs taught by other resident teachers during Khen Rinpoche's absence. Land of Compassion Buddha is a multi-cultural center, with teachings usually presented in Tibetan and then translated into English and Chinese. Vietnamese and Spanish-speaking students are also consistently in attendance. Guru Puja, offered twice monthly, is frequently offered in three languages, as are Nyung-Ne retreats.

Events on the calendar of Land of Compassion Buddha are held at a quiet residential center in West Covina. For longer events such as the Yamantaka retreat, full accommodations are available at minimal cost for the use of all attending students. At Land of Compassion Buddha, a strong effort is made to make Dharma events available to all who are interested.

Everyone is welcome to call the center, arrange an appointment, and come to visit. Our center welcomes students from all cultures and backgrounds. Please feel free to call and talk with any of the students who work at the center, or to set up an appointment to meet with our most kind teachers.

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