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"Truly the world we most intimately inhabit is the world created by our thought and by our speech, which is both the result of and the cause of our thought,"
Norman Fischer, Taking Our Places.

Soji Zen Center
2325 W. Marshall Road
Lansdowne,  Pennsylvania   19050
(For best directions, please ask the center.)
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Phone 917.856.5659
Center's Description
Soji Zen Center is a contemporary Buddhist center providing instruction in Zen meditation, philosophy and contemplation techniques for training the mind. We are guided by our founding teacher, Jules Shuzen Harris Sensei.

Soji Zen Center is part of the White Plum lineage which brings together elements of Japanese Soto and Rinzai traditions of Zen Buddhism to teach intensive awareness sitting practice (Zazen) and koan study (Zen riddles) to beginners who want to learn about meditation, as well as to experienced practitioners of Zen Buddhism to strengthen their technique. “Soji is a place where people can go to slow down, meditate and learn about the healing qualities of the mind.” said Jules Shuzen Harris. “We all agree that training the body through exercise and diet is beneficial, but rarely in Western society do we focus on awakening the healing energies in our brain.”

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