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"If what the Buddha taught us is true, then it is as true in Arkansas as it is in Tibet."
Dinty Moore, The Accidental Buddhist.

Earth Sangha
10123 Commonwealth Blvd.
Fairfax,  Virginia   22032-2707
(For best directions, please ask the center.)
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Phone 703 764-4830
Center's Description
The Earth Sangha is a Buddhist environmental nonprofit. We are committed to practical environmental action that is informed with the Buddhist principles of nonviolence, tolerance, self-awareness, and compassion for other living things. ("Sangha" is the Buddhist term for congregation or community.)

Our formal mission is to practice Buddhism in ways that help people become better stewards of the planet, and to do the practical environmental work that good stewardship demands. Our membership is open to everyone; many of our members are committed to religions other than Buddhism, and many have no apparent religious commitment at all.

You're welcome to practice with us. We offer several weekly sessions.

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