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"Learning to look at each second as if it were the first and only second in the universe is most essential in Vipassana meditation."
Henepola Gunaratana, Mindfulness in Plain English.

Zen Affiliate of Vermont
54 Rivermount Terrace
Burlington,  Vermont   05401
(For best directions, please ask the center.)
Phone 802 658-6466
Center's Description
The Society of Mountains and Rivers Order is an umbrella organization of Zen Buddhist centers and affiliate groups associated with the Mountains and Rivers Order. Located in the United States and abroad, the Society of Mountains and Rivers affiliates provide facilities and training for lay practitioners who live away from Zen Mountain Monastery. The Monastery functions as the central training headquarters or "Mainhouse" where students can enter into residential training and intensive practice.

SMR group leaders are trained in offering beginning instruction in zen meditation to new students, as well as in managing the administrative, training, and programming affairs of their respective groups. Affiliates meet for zazen at least once a week, offer regular all-day sittings and occasional one-day sesshins with Abbot John Daido Loori and arrange for senior student speakers to visit from the Monastery. Sitting Groups are made up of M.R.O. students and friends who come together once or more each week to practice zazen. Sitting with an SMR group or affiliate can be an excellent introduction to Zen practice and serve as a supportive environment in which to develop one's zazen practice, as well as help to prepare those interested in pursuing more formal training at Zen Mountain Monastery.

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