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"Don't strive for some special state of mind. There is no special state of mind. If you strive for some special state of mind you'll only disturb your mind."
Steve Hagen, Buddhism Plain and Simple.

Kosala Buddhist Center in the Triangle
Health Associates
906 Broad Street
Durham,  North Carolina   27705
(For best directions, please ask the center.)
Kadampa Buddhism
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Phone 919 403 8084
Center's Description
With lakes, mountains, beaches and beautiful cities, North Carolina is one of the most externally beautiful states in the US where it is easy to find places of external peace and tranquility.

Many people in North Carolina have material success and wealth and the resources to enjoy the external beauty, but still experience unhappiness, dissatisfaction, anger, relationship dificulties, and the pain of disapointment in never finding a happiness that lasts.

At Kosala Buddhist Center we offer meditation instruction; teachings on Buddhist view; study programs for different levels of experience; opportunities for Buddhist practice with chanted meditations; and other devotional activities.

You are welcome to visit our center and drop in to our general meditation classes or chanted meditations. Check the web site for classes in your area and for upcoming class and workshop dates and times.
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