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"To experience emptiness is to experience the shocking absence of what normally determines the sense of who you are and the kind of reality you inhabit."
Stephen Batchelor, Buddhism Without Beliefs.

Prairie Sangha For Mindfulness Meditation
Urbana,  Illinois   61801
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Center's Description
Instruction is available in the ancient, non-religious form of meditation called Vipassana, as it was taught by the Buddha 2600 years ago. The practice facilitates balanced awareness, which is grounded in the present moment, with an emphasis on bringing mindfulness and compassion into our daily lives. We teach our basic instruction through a process of personal mentoring. Click here for Mentoring Programs.

Each sangha has a schedule of group sits.

The Dhamma is seeing clearly the true nature of all things. Waking up to the Dhamma in our daily lives is the core of practice and the focus of our classes. Through teachings, discussion, and introspection, we investigate what really matters in our own lives.

Days of Mindfulness are generally held on Sundays and run anywhere from four to eight hours, and are usually organized to include periods of walking and sitting meditations, meals, and a Dhamma talk. Periodically we have two-day Weekend Retreats, and there is an annual four day retreat. All are welcome to participate. For more information and a list of upcoming dates, see the calendar section on the website.

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