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"Am I inviting mindfulness into each moment, or indulging in mindless repetition of the forms of meditation practice, mistaking the form for the essence of it?"
Jon Kabat-Zinn, Wherever You Go, There You Are.

Embracing Simplicity Hermitage
41 Wisdom Lane
Hendersonville,  North Carolina   28739
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American Buddhist-Taoist
URL www.embracingsimplic...
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Phone 828 696 1638
Center's Description
Life at Embracing Simplicity Hermitage rests in meditation yet radiates outward in various rhythms engaging the community in compassionate encounters, awakening dialogue, work (a botanical garden of over 3,000 plants), study and yes, we balance it all with a little recreation.

Individual and guided retreats are available at the hermitage. Although we are little more than off the beaten path, our guests can totally immerse themselves in the sweet scents of flora, the sound of birds, stream and fountain flowing into the large koi pond; and the friendship of fellow yogis.
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Independent Comments
11/4/2005  Reviewed By: karen
I attended a one week meditation retreat at a small center not far from Ashville NC and wish I could become a resident of the community! Everyone was different, yet not. The delicious food, enchanting grounds, comfortable yet simple facility and freedom to study and practice different techniques without ridicule was truly refreshing. 3 of us were buddhist, one was christian and one searching, yet of us each went away with greater insight and 8 new spiritual friends (including the residents), appreciating both the unity and points of diversity. I particularly liked the fact that the center is racially diverse, affordable and non-sectarian. I have already reserved for my vacation time next year!

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