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"You cannot reach a full understanding of emptiness with your thinking mind or with your feeling."
Shunryu Suzuki, Not Always So.

Zen Center of Denver, Lotus in the Flame Temple
3101 West 31st Avenue
Denver,  Colorado   80211
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Phone 303 455-1500
Fax 303 455-1062
Center's Description
The Lotus in the Flame Temple is the sacred space for Zen practice and training of members of the Zen Center of Denver under the spiritual direction of Ven. Danan Henry Sensei. The goal of the Lotus in the Flame Temple is to provide lay persons with authentic Zen training for the clarification of the mind (satori) to enable us to live with greater equanimity and compassion in our lives for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Anyone is welcome to practice at the Temple to the degree their level of interest and aspiration dictates. It is not necessary to be a Buddhist to benefit from the calming and centering of the mind that results from meditation practice.

For people who are curious about Zen meditation or those who would like to get started with practice before attending a seminar, the Center offers a public meditation program on the first Wednesday evening of each month. The public is also invited to attend teishos on Sunday mornings at 9 am, when scheduled on the calendar.

Six times a year, the Center offers introductory Zen seminars. The one-and-a-half day seminars are always on weekends. They include lectures about Zen Buddhism, question-and-answer periods, zazen instruction and zazen practice.

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