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"When you believe you have some problem it means your practice is not good enough. When your practice is good enough, whatever you see, whatever you do, that is the direct experience of reality."
Shunryu Suzuki, Not Always So.

Abiding Nowhere Seattle Zendo
Aikido Seattle
Seattle,  Washington   98112
(For best directions, please ask the center.)
Zen - Rinzai
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Phone 206-930-1238
Center's Description
Affiliated with One Drop Zendo, a worldwide Zen Buddhist community.

Our “Abiding Nowhere” Tuesday Morning One Drop zendo meets every Tuesday morning (except during Osesshin at Tahoma Monastery) from 7:00 am to 8:30 am, (Zazen is usually followed by japanese tea (matcha) and discussion about dharma and/or life events – usually until about 9:00 am). We welcome you to sit with us! [NOTE: Please wear comfortable (subdued color) clothing. We do have zafus, zabutons and a few seiza benches but feel free to bring your own cushion(s) Kindly remove shoes and socks by the door. Please arrive before 7 am as we do begin promptly. If you need to leave zazen early, you can quietly slip out during kinhin (walking meditation) which is around 7:50-7:55 am. Please call the phone number above if you need any practice orientation or have any other questions. Arigato & deep bow.]

We meet at AIKIDO SEATTLE (formerly Willapa Bay Aikido studio) located at 1004 TURNER WAY EAST, Seattle WA 98112 at the top of the Montlake hill on border between Capitol Hill and Madison Park. [Note: The front entrance is actually on 23rd Ave. E.] Kindly park on SIDE streets (not in front of building nor in lot at northeast corner). Thank you for your consideration!

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