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"...when your practice is calm and ordinary, everyday life itself is enlightenment."
Shunryu Suzuki, Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind.

Diamond Way Buddhist Group, Portland
Portland,  Oregon   97212
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Tibetan Karma Kagyu
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Phone 503-281-3631
Center's Description
Diamond Way Buddhist Group, Portland is part of an international network of about 400 meditation centers in the Karma Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

Most of these centers consist of people and families living together, working full-time jobs, and incorporating Diamond Way teachings and meditations into their daily lives. Members share responsibility for guiding meditations, answering questions, and giving explanations about Buddhism; their work is unpaid, and based on idealism and friendship.

The main practice in all our centers is the Guru Yoga meditation on the 16th Karmapa. This meditation is guided in English and involves visualization and mantra recitation, allowing space, clarity and joy to naturally arise. It lasts around 30 minutes. There is a relaxed social atmosphere in the centers, refreshments are provided, and questions are encouraged. Other activities include group readings, teachings and dharma video viewing. These weekly meditation evenings are open to the public and are free of charge.

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