"...in zazen, tension and pressure must be kept in the lower part of the abdomen as much as possible, as this brings about both physical and mental stability."
Katsuki Sekida, Zen Training.

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Diamond Way Buddhist Center Toronto Tibetan Karma Kagyu Toronto Ontario M4Y 1W5 Canada Canada 416-925-4494 http://www.diamondway.org/toronto/
Friends of the Heart Non-sectarian Toronto Ontario M4P 2H7 Canada Canada 416 486-5105 http://www.friendsoftheheart.com/
HanMaUm SeonWon of Toronto Zen Toronto Ontario M4A 1H9 Canada Canada 416 750-7943 http://www.hanmaum.org/eng/
Kadampa Meditation Center Canada Kadampa Buddhism Toronto Ontario M6G 3K1 Canada Canada 416.762.8033 http://nkt-kmc-canada.org/
Mindfulness Practice Community of Toronto Zen Toronto Ontario n/a Canada Canada 416 658-1698 http://www.mindfulnesspractice.ca/
Mountain Moon Sangha Zen Toronto Ontario M5P 2K7 Canada Canada n/a http://www.mountainmoon.org/
Tengye Ling Tibetan Buddhist Temple Tibetan Gelug-pa Monastery Toronto Ontario M5R 2S2 Canada Canada 416.966.4656 http://www.tengyeling.ca
Toronto Meditation Guide Non-sectarian Toronto Ontario n/a Canada Canada n/a http://torontomeditationguide.org/
Toronto Shambhala Center Tibetan Shambhala Toronto Ontario M6G 1L2 Canada Canada 416-588-6465 http://www.shambhala.org/centers/toronto/
Toronto Zen Center Zen Toronto Ontario M6R 1S8 Canada Canada 416 766-3400 http://www.torontozen.org
Toronto Zen Meditation Group Zen Toronto Ontario M4J 4R9 Canada Canada 416 463-4241 n/a
Za Mongyal Canada Tibetan Bön Toronto Ontario n/a Canada Canada 705.441.6912 http://zamongyal.com
Zen Buddhist Temple, Toronto - Buddhist Society for Compassionate Wisdom Zen - Korean Toronto Ontario M5T 1S2 Canada Canada 416-658-0137  http://www.zenbuddhisttemple.org

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