"Meditation teaches you how to loosen your monkey-grip on your experience and create a kind of inner spaciousness and relaxation by letting go of control and allowing things to be the way they are."
Stephan Bodian, Meditation for Dummies.

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Big Sky Mind Tibetan Buddhist Missoula Montana 59801 USA Northwest 406-961-5131 http://www.tibetanlanguage.org/bigskymind.htm
Bozeman Insight Community Vipassana Bozeman Montana 59715 USA Northwest 406 763-4077 http://bozemaninsightcommunity.com/
Kangosanmon Seishin-ya Tendai Buddhist Elliston Montana 59728 USA Northwest 406 492-6045 n/a
Namdroling Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhist Center Tibetan Nyingma BOZEMAN Montana 59719 USA Northwest 406-587-2907 http://www.namdrolingmt.org/
Open Circle Sangha Zen Helena Montana 59601 USA Northwest 406 442-4344 n/a
Open Way Sangha Buddhist Missoula Montana 59807 USA Northwest 406 549-6214 http://www.openway.org/
Osel Shen Phen Ling, Tibetan Buddhist Center Tibetan Missoula Montana 59806 USA Northwest 406 327-1204 http://www.fpmt-osel.org/
Zen No Ji Zen - Rinzai Ronan Montana 59864 USA Northwest 406 676-4977 n/a

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