""Karma," he [Buddha] often said, "is intention": i.e., a movement of the mind that occurs each time we think, speak, or act. By being mindful of this process, we come to understand how intentions lead to habitual patterns of behavior, which in turn affect the quality of our experience."
Stephen Batchelor, Buddhism Without Beliefs.

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Center for Dzogchen Studies Tibetan Nyingma New Haven Connecticut 06515 USA New England 203 387-9992 http://www.dzogchenstudies.com
New Haven Insight Vipassana New Haven Connecticut 06520 USA New England n/a http://newhaveninsight.org/
New Haven Shambhala Center Tibetan Shambhala New Haven Connecticut 06511 USA New England 203 503 0173 http://www.newhaven.shambhala.org/
New Haven Zen Center Zen New Haven Connecticut 06511 USA New England 203 787-0912 http://www.newhavenzen.org
Stony Creek Sangha Zen New Haven Connecticut 06511 USA New England 203-776-6660 n/a

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