"Meditation teaches you how to loosen your monkey-grip on your experience and create a kind of inner spaciousness and relaxation by letting go of control and allowing things to be the way they are."
Stephan Bodian, Meditation for Dummies.

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Albuquerque Shambhala Centre Tibetan Shambhala Albuquerque New Mexico 87102 USA Southwest 505 717-2486 http://www.albuquerque.shambhala.org/
Albuquerque Zen Center Zen - Rinzai Albuquerque New Mexico 87106 USA Southwest 505-268-4877 http://www.azc.org/
Bodhi Manda Zen Center Zen - Rinzai Jemez Springs New Mexico 87025 USA Southwest 505 829-3854 http://www.bmzc.org/index.shtml
Daibutsuji Zen Temple, Zen Center of Las Cruces Zen - Soto Las Cruces New Mexico 88001 USA Southwest 505-523-9779 http://www.zencenteroflascruces.org/
Diamond Way Buddhist Center Albuquerque Tibetan Karma Kagyu Albuquerque New Mexico 87108 USA Southwest 505 256-3054 http://www.diamondway.org/albuquerque/
Diamond Way Buddhist Group Santa Fe Tibetan Karma Kagyu Santa Fe New Mexico 87504 USA Southwest 505-982-9590 http://www.diamondway.org/
Drigung Namgyal Ling Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Center Tibetan Drikung Kagyu Tucson Arizona 85733 USA Southwest 505-465-1882 http://www.drikungkagyutucson.org/
Hidden Mountain Zen Center Zen Albuquerque New Mexico 87197 USA Southwest 505 248-0649 http://www.hiddenmountainzen.org
Kadampa Meditation Center New Mexico Kadampa Buddhism Albuquerque New Mexico 87108 USA Southwest 505.292.5293 http://www.meditationinnewmexico.org/
Kadampa Meditation Center New Mexico - East Mountains Kadampa Buddhism Cedar Crest New Mexico 87008 USA Southwest 505 292-5293 http://nkt-kmc-newmexico.org/courses/east-mountains
Kadampa Meditation Center New Mexico - Las Cruces Kadampa Buddhism Las Cruces New Mexico 88001 USA Southwest 505-292-5293 http://www.meditationinnewmexico.org/meditation-classes/meditation-classes-at-kmc-new-mexico/las-cruces/
Kadampa Meditation Center New Mexico - Rio Rancho Kadampa Buddhism Rio Rancho New Mexico 87124 USA Southwest 505-292-5293 http://nkt-kmc-newmexico.org/courses/rio-rancho
Las Cruces Sangha Zen Las Cruces New Mexico 88011 USA Southwest 505 522-0691 n/a
Mindful Heart Sangha Zen Placitas New Mexico 87043 USA Southwest 505 867-8623 n/a
Mountain Gate Zen - Rinzai Ojo Sarco New Mexico 87521 USA Southwest 505-689-2619 http://www.sanmonjizen.org/
NM Center for Meditative Inquiry and Retreat Non-sectarian Albuquerque New Mexico 87108 USA Southwest 505-281-0684 https://meditationnm.wordpress.com/
Open Heart Sangha Zen Taos New Mexico 87571 USA Southwest 505 758-1290 n/a
Open Way Sangha Zen Santa Fe New Mexico 87501 USA Southwest 505 982-3846 n/a
Prajna Zendo Zen Lamy New Mexico 87540 USA Southwest 505-660-3045 http://www.prajnazendo.org/
Rainbow Sangha Zen / Thich Nhat Hanh Albuquerque New Mexico n/a USA Southwest 505 266-9042 n/a
RigDzin Dharma Foundation Tibetan Drikung Kagyu Albuquerque New Mexico 87108 USA Southwest 505 238-9807 / 505 331-6764 http://www.rigdzin.com/
Samadhi Hermitage Non-sectarian Sante Fe New Mexico n/a USA Southwest 505-473-3560 http://www.samadhihermitage.org
Santa Fe Vipassana Sangha Vipassana Santa Fe New Mexico 87502 USA Southwest 505.989.7610 http://www.santafevipassana.org/
The Mountain Hermitage Buddhist Ranchos de Taos New Mexico 87557 USA Southwest 505-758-0633 http://www.mountainhermitage.org
Upaya Zen Center Zen Santa Fe New Mexico 87501 USA Southwest 505 986-8518 http://www.upaya.org
Wat Buddhamongkolnimit Theravada Buddhist Albuquerque New Mexico 87108-3138 USA Southwest 505-268-4983 http://watnimit.blogspot.com/

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